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Tumble Dryers ES GREEN 10-14-18 kg

Thanks to its closed-circuit operation, with the ES GREEN tumble dryer heated by ELECTRIC HEAT PUMP, there are no emissions to the outside and it can therefore be installed even in a closed environment.


  • CLOSED CIRCUIT SYSTEM: unlike traditional dryers, it requires no outlet for emissions.
  • The air is heated by a SMALL GROUP OF HEATING ELEMENTS and circulates in the drum where it absorbs moisture
  • THE MOISTURE IS CONDENSED by a coolant unit and then separated.
  • THE WATER IS DRAINED and the dry air is returned to the heating elements, then back into the circuit.



  • The power needed to operate a dryer with heat pump is about one third the power needed to operate a traditional dryer.
  • The energy consumed for one cycle is LESS THAN 50% the energy consumed by a traditional dryer.

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