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Tumble Dryer ES 55-75 Kg

IMESA ES series 55 and 75 kg tumble dryers are the optimum solution for medium/high productivity laundries. The result is perfectly dried linen. The standard drum rotation inversion greatly reduces consumption.
An excellent result is guaranteed, even with large items of linen!

  • 3 heating methods: electric, steam, gas
  • Rotation speed and rotation/pause times can be modified for perfect treatment of all types of linen.
  • Uniform temperature and hot air flow throughout the drum for even drying
  • Multi-step heating function: allows optimal temperature management during each cycle ensuring greater sensitivity in the treatment of garments
  • Controlled air movement in the drum for perfect drying and low consumption.
  • Cooldown as standard and anti-crease function for perfect, easy ironing
  • Control of moisture and air flow for improved dryer efficiency
  • Power Control function: the dryer can be heated at various power levels. The operator can programme different power levels during the same cycle

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