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Commercial hood-type dishwashers, also known as dome dishwashers, are ideal for heavy use in restaurants and catering businesses. Hood-type dishwashers allow linear washing of the dishes at a comfortable working height, with the support of the prewash table and basket exit. Therefore, a perfectly coordinated washing process is achieved. The hood is lifted and a new basket is inserted, the hood is lowered while the machine does its job. The clean utensils can be collected once the hood is lifted to extract them and the next basket can be loaded.
The Hood-type dishwashers are based on the EVO Generation concept of creating a single base body that contains benefits across its three ranges and by selecting the appropriate technology to meet the needs of each segment. Thus, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the requirements of different users.


For those who believe that technology and simplicity can go hand in hand, Concept has landed.
A winner in its category that combines features and benefits that only high-end ranges are offering, an easy to use and efficient product with the most efficient and robust technology prepared for the most intensive use on the market.


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This hydraulic system offers intense mechanical action combined with perfectly clean water in the tank and balanced power to maintain an optimum hygienic temperature for the entire lifespan of the machine - all whilst guaranteeing the productivity promised. An efficient system that ensures one of the most important factors of the Sinner circle: mechanical action. It also leads to savings on chemical products and reduces washing time.


A body and structure made entirely of stainless steel to withstand the most intensive use. A generation that has evolved with a new hood design, new basket rails and an embedded wash tank. We support this philosophy because it makes it possible to reduce cleaning time and daily maintenance costs and, at the same time, increases the lifespan of the machine.


If you want maximum power to increase the productivity of the machine, it is possible to configure this easily from the exterior. If you would prefer lower consumption, you have to simply make the right connection on the terminal strip (e.g. boiler at 3 kW). Easy to install and configure.


Hood-type | Concept

General characteristics

- Model with highly resistant control buttons.

- 90s, 120s,180s and 600s wash cycles.

- Theoretical maximum production of 40 baskets/hour

. - Tank with volume of 33 litres, with 4.5 kW heating element.

- Boiler with volume of 9 litres, with 6 kW heating element.

- Alternating or simultaneous tank and boiler heating.

- Thermal stop system which guarantees a rinse temperature of 85°C. Standard factory setting disabled.

- Maximum Total power: 6.75 kW (alternating) or 11.25 kW (simultaneous).

- IPX4 anti-humidity protection

Basic model CO-110
Power (kW) 6,75 / 11,25
Dimensions (mm) 630 x 750 x 1.465


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