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The cast-iron contact-grill PANINI is particularly recommended for continuous daily use.

The cast-iron contact-grill PANINI is designed for intensive use with the cooking of 48 panini per hour! Its cast-iron plates have a high power of thermic inertia: after 15 minutes of preheating, the plates restore heat and can be used continuously on a daily basis.

The professional contact-grill PANINI ensures homogeneous and varied cooking.

The cast-iron plates of this professional contact-grill have a high conduction value enable. It enables homogeneous cooking thanks to the serpentine-shaped heating elements covering the whole cooking surface under each plate.

If this professional contact-grill is a panini grill specifically designed for panini cooking in large quantities by its size, it is also used to toast various sandwiches or to cook steaks. The top plates of this professional contact-grill are self-balancing. Each pressure spring is adjustable to adapt cooking to food. This panini machine is also available with a smooth bottom plate for cooking omelettes, fried eggs, cakes, Swedish breads, blinis, wraps...

Features: commutator-thermostat 0-300 ° C, juice drawers, thermo-resistant and metallic handles, control lights. Comes with a scraper for easy cleaning.

Options: automatic adjustment of the cooking height. Individual top and bottom plates are available in smooth and grooved versions.

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